Hello 2018!

How is it already 2018? It’s pretty insane. The years really do go by faster as you get older. It feels like just yesterday that I was celebrating 2017. This past year has been pretty much a blur. Here’s some highlights before I forget with old age.

          Ken and I got engaged right before we left for our quick trip to Costa Rica. Costa Rica was beautiful and a much calmer way of life. I did not enjoy all the gravel roads, so hooray for infrastructure at home. We visited the Arenal Volcano, Monteverde, and the beach. We did lots of hiking, ate yummy Costa Rican food, visited natural hot springs, saw monkeys, went ziplining, and hung out at the beach.

          After years and years of debating whether it was time to move to Texas, I finally decided it was time, and made a decision to move in May. Leaving my family, friends, and work was really hard. Thankfully, the transition wasn’t too difficult and I was able to continue working from home for a few months which was an absolute god send.

          We tried to be adults and decided it made financial sense to buy a house instead of rent. We spent a lot of time looking at houses. Our real estate agent warned that they would all start looking the same after a while, and I didn’t believe him. Turned out to be true. We finally came across a house that was a pretty good fit for us and in the right price range. The whole house buying process was a good learning experience. Looking back, we probably could have bought the house for a little cheaper, but you live and learn. Since closing on the house, we had some repairs done, and I became a pro painter (not really). But, since Ken was working so much, I did a lot of the painting and man, it is hard work! Crab grass is also terrible.

          We went home to California for a wedding the weekend Hurricane Harvey hit. We weren’t able to fly back for a whole week. I didn’t mind because I was still working from home at the time and that meant I had more time at home. We had been trying to figure out when we would have time to fly home and take our engagement photos, and luckily for us, our photographer was able to squeeze us in the week we were stuck at home. The photo shoot was unbelievably awkward for us, but I actually adore our photos. Our poor photographer who had to put up with our inability to be natural in front of a camera.

          I started my new job in Houston! New jobs are always an exciting but scary time for me. It takes time to fully understand your job responsibilities, and also to get used to a new work environment and coworkers. Ultimately, I like to think that there is something new to learn with every job and I love learning new things.

          Even though we both just wanted to elope at City Hall, somebody’s parents (hint: not mine) were not loving the idea. After consulting with my parents, friends, and coworkers, most of the advice was that it’s a nice thing to do for family and you do not want to piss off your in laws from the very beginning. So guess what we’ve been doing for a lot of 2017 and more in 2018…wedding planning (insert eye roll). As a compromise, we are still doing our ceremony at City Hall but are hosting a reception. I do not enjoy planning things, and would prefer not to plan things if I don’t need to. I am a perfectionist and detail oriented for work, but generally, I’m a pretty loosey goosey person. So all the millions of little details that go into wedding planning annoy me, but the perfectionist in me also wants things to look nice.

I also think the amount of money people spend on weddings is absurd, which is another reason I wanted to forgo the whole thing to begin with. I didn’t want to feed into the insanity of the wedding industry. By now, I’ve accepted the fact that we could have bought a brand new car with our wedding money, so all is good. I suppose we should be thankful that we can pay for it ourselves. At the end of the day, I’m sure we will have a blast with our friends and family. We just have to deal with everything that comes before it :).

          We went on some short weekend trips to Denver and Charlotte. Both places were pretty nice. I enjoyed Charlotte more than I thought I would. It’s a city but with a small town feel. We happened to be there during one of the Bank of America Museum weekends, so a lot of the major museums were free. The history museums were my favorite. It’s easy to forget how much of the nation’s history is in the south.

          My family came to visit us during Thanksgiving and that was nice. I showed them around the area and my parents helped do a lot of house stuff for us. We’ve been meaning to install window screens so we can open the windows without mosquitoes getting in, but we never got around to it. My daddy woke up early one morning, went to home depot to buy supplies, and made all the screens for us in one day. In case you’re wondering why I’m a daddy’s girl, this is why.

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