Prisoner of Sleep

I am a person who loves sleep. I also need a lot of it. I’m talking 8-9 hours is my optimum amount. Anything less than 8 hours means I’ll be slightly grumpy, with my grumpiness level increasing with less sleep. Late night studying in college? No, I was usually in bed by 11pm and would still have trouble making it to my 8am class. The only times I stayed up was if I was cramming for a midterm/final or trying to finish a paper. It was also the only time I actually sat at my desk. My usual place of study was…you guessed it, my bed!

When I first moved to Texas, I was really lucky and was able to telecommute for a while. This was like a dream come true for my sleep loving self, plus no commute. Back in September, I started a new job in downtown Houston, which on a perfect day with no traffic, is an hour drive from our house. Houston traffic is pretty terrible and starts very early, so I opted to drive to a park and ride, midway between Galveston and Houston, and ride the bus in. My employer pays for my bus pass, so that saves me a lot of money per week. With driving to the park and ride and riding the bus in, my total commute time ends up on average being a whopping 1.5 hours each way.

We are also trying our hardest to be a one car household, which in an area with limited public transit options, proves to be a bit difficult. You would think that with how flat Houston is and how much urban sprawl there is, a rail system would work great. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any big plans for that. I know cause I read the transit plan for the Houston-Galveston area, much to my disappointment. Ken has been on a funky schedule the past couple months, working a few days in between Galveston and Houston, and a couple days in Galveston. On the days he works outside Galveston, I drop him off on my way to the park and ride, which thankfully is not too much of a detour. On Wednesdays he has these meetings that start at 6am, so I’ve been trying to squeeze in a run before work since I get to downtown early.

Right now, I’m working 9 hour days, and take half days on Fridays. You can guess how much I love Fridays. In order to get to work at 7:30am, I have to wake up at 5:30am. I have been doing fairly well with this schedule, considering I have never had to wake up this early in my life. However, in order to be a functional human being, I have to be in bed usually around 9-9:30pm, especially on Wednesdays. Total granny status, which makes me very sad. When I get home from work, I only have a few hours to spare before I need to go to bed and repeat. Props to parents who have to go to work and still have enough energy to take care of their kids when they get home. I have enough trouble taking care of myself sometimes.

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