DIY Backyard Composting

After a failed attempt to do an open air compost pile (probably due to the constant random down pours in Galveston), finally found a little time and energy to set up my backyard compost bin for our leftover food scraps! No guarantees that it works since I literally just set up it up, but I’ll definitely do an update post. Here’s how to replicate in 5 easy steps:

1. Get a big plastic container. There are many different containers/set ups you can use for your backyard compost bin, ranging from old crates to chicken wire. This seemed the easiest for me at the moment. I am a little worried about chemicals leaching out from the plastic, but I figured I would set this up to see if it works first and perfect it later. You can use an old plastic storage container or go out and buy one for a few bucks.

2. Drill holes on all sides of your container (if you’re using a plastic container) for air flow. 20170919_1826501.jpg

3. Fill the bin 1/4 or so with dry brown waste (dead leaves, branches, shredded cardboard/newspaper, etc). We have plenty of dead leaves around our house so I mixed some of that with some shredded cardboard for my bin.20170919_192239[1]

4. Fill the bin with soil until it’s half full. We don’t have any excess soil hanging around so I just used potting soil that I had available.20170919_192305[1]

5. Mix your food scraps in with the dirt and add some water. I’ve been saving food scraps up for the past couple weeks in the fridge. Ken mentioned at one point that we had more garbage in the fridge than actual food. I added enough water so that the soil was slightly wet and spongy but not soaking. Put the lid back on and set it in a shady area. Then you’re done!


I intend to continue adding food scraps maybe once or twice a week. I have read that you should mix the new food scraps with dirt and add a little water every time, similar to the initial steps. I’ll let y’all know how it goes 🙂


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  1. Bay Area friend :D says:

    Woooooo!! I am going to do that too someday


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