Random Tidbits

Just five random tidbits that I wanted to share 🙂

  1. My favorite place that I’ve visited in the area so far is the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge. It’s not exactly close to us – we have to take a ferry to Bolivar Peninsula (which is free), and then drive about an hour to get there. Though it was smaller than I imagined, it was pretty cool. There were so many different birds and alligators. One of the volunteers said they saw an otter earlier in the morning. We weren’t so lucky, but we did see a pretty big gator. Planning to take my parents when they visit in September.
  1. Everything molds here. Ken and I went to Portland for a couple days without leaving the AC on, and we came back to a moldy office chair! My suede shoes also were moldy. Of all things that can mold…so annoying. Now we leave the AC on all the time, even if we set the temperature really high.
  1. I have learned that I will totally be a helicopter mom, if and when we decide to have kids. How do I know? Because I’m trying to grow some vegetables for the backyard at the house and I watch over them like a hawk. It makes me really happy to see them do well, and I get very worried when they are not looking too good. I imagine that’s what it’s like to have kids, haha.
  1. We have the option of picking where my energy source comes from – yay wind power! The energy market is deregulated here in TX, so I can choose what company to buy my energy from. In the Bay Area, there is only one gas and electric provider, PG&E. Here, since there are multiple companies, you have to do your homework to see which companies offer the best rates. Many energy companies here offer 100% renewable energy options, so our house is currently being powered by 100% wind power, which is absolutely awesome. Makes me feel less terrible about leaving the AC on. Did you know TX has the largest electricity market in the US? Think of all the renewable energy possibilities.
  1. We have no curbside recycling. Yes, you heard correctly, NO CURBSIDE RECYCLING. So, if you have curbside recycling available, you better use it, because it’s so annoying to remember to load all your recyclables into the car and bring it to the recycling center. Very difficult for me to come from a place with both curbside recycling and composting, to nothing. I have plans to start a compost pile in the backyard. Stay tuned to see how it goes.

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