A Month In

So it’s just a little over a month since I’ve been in Galveston. That’s essentially 1/12th of a year, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. I would say I’m adjusting fairly well, all things considering. I do miss home and not sweating every time I go outside, but it is really nice to see Ken everyday (after 5 years of seeing him every other month or so). I’ve been extremely lucky since my employer is letting me work remotely for a few months, so that keeps me fairly busy, but also gives me time to cook and clean and job hunt. This has also taught me that I would probably go crazy if I didn’t work, as much as I say how much I do not want to wake up for work >.<.

Our apartment is currently a few blocks from the beach, so it’s nice that I can go take a walk along the beach when I have time and mental power to withstand the heat. I usually go in the evening when it’s less hot, though it’s starting to heat up. It doesn’t beat beaches in California, but I suppose it’s better than having no beach at all. One thing I’ll note is that I have never seen a beach with so many trash cans available, yet so much trash along the shoreline. Ken knows better than to ask me to go jogging at the beach now because I get all distracted picking up trash. I find a lot of plastic bottle caps and plastic utensils, and after knowing about how much plastic is ending up in our oceans, I cannot with a good conscious just leave them in the sand to be washed into the ocean. I end up bringing a plastic bag with me to the beach to put all the trash I find. Breaks my poor little heart.

Ken and I have also been house hunting since I got here, and we are closing on our house this week! That took up a lot of time and house hunting is definitely not as fun as I thought it would be. I am super excited and nervous about owning our own house. Seems pretty surreal. Pictures and details to come!

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