Cali On My Mind

I had a time tough thinking of a domain name that I liked. I knew I wanted to blog about my time here in Texas (which I have been very lazy about if you haven’t noticed), and I knew I would probably be homesick from time to time. Cali On My Mind came to me, … More Cali On My Mind

Hello 2018!

How is it already 2018? It’s pretty insane. The years really do go by faster as you get older. It feels like just yesterday that I was celebrating 2017. This past year has been pretty much a blur. Here’s some highlights before I forget with old age. –          Ken and I got engaged right before … More Hello 2018!

Prisoner of Sleep

I am a person who loves sleep. I also need a lot of it. I’m talking 8-9 hours is my optimum amount. Anything less than 8 hours means I’ll be slightly grumpy, with my grumpiness level increasing with less sleep. Late night studying in college? No, I was usually in bed by 11pm and would … More Prisoner of Sleep

Random Tidbits

Just five random tidbits that I wanted to share 🙂 My favorite place that I’ve visited in the area so far is the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge. It’s not exactly close to us – we have to take a ferry to Bolivar Peninsula (which is free), and then drive about an hour to get there. Though … More Random Tidbits

A Month In

So it’s just a little over a month since I’ve been in Galveston. That’s essentially 1/12th of a year, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. I would say I’m adjusting fairly well, all things considering. I do miss home and not sweating every time I go outside, but it is really nice … More A Month In